Trip Against The Wall - Round 4 

It all happened so fast. One day of madness, a real Formula Drift experience. For a Montreal based photographer, New Jersey was the only real possibility of having any FD content, by driving that is. Finally found a contact and drove away. Here is how I saw Formula Drift - Round 4 - Wall Speedway. 

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Chris & Ryan at the drivers meeting. 

Having the chance to see my first competition ready FR-S with Ken Gushi. 

The Mustang of the Day.

Darren Mcnamara , calm & collected. 

A ninja in a bodybuilder suit. 

I just love saying RETAKS. 

Those damn Camaros, always creeping up on you. 

Little sight seeing on the side. 

An insane crowd, sooo many medias and amazing burnouts. This is FD. 

Love this Ebay Mustang. Any bids yet? 

Photog Steeze…

And then we let the sun bless our photographs. May the games begin. 

Get out the film and shoot! 

All ready and waiting. 

One my favorite frozen moments. 

Dat Crew, They are what we see! 

Let the Top 8 begin. Forsberg pulling it off! 

Cause this happened. Last shot before they got all blurry because of my desperate escape to not get hit. 

People heh? The sea of fans. 

Top 4. Double Dai’s going for it! 

They were made to go together! 

The Dai’s.

Falken having 2 drivers left in the top 4. 

Yeah the sun was that magical. 

Sceneries never seen before. Into The Mist … Of Drift! 

And that other kind of scenery! :)

The Force was with him,  and with the GoPros. 

Smoke up the sun! In my favorites of the day. 

Battling for third! 

The top 2 arrives, for the final battle of the day. Falken vs Falken. 

They deserve it too. 

One Word. Suspense. 

That final grid position. 

A joy to photograph, flawless cars. 

And then this. Congrats JR. 

Concluding my recap. Deeply hope you enjoyed. Happy to have met lots of you guys. Special thanks to Cris from Canibeat. 

For the full set of pictures, click here

Enjoy & Share. 

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